The Mission

I started going on mission trips when I was 12. My dad was the pastor so it was just built into my childhood like when you get free coffee when you work at a coffeeshop. (Always have coffee not the brain). I saw a world that was absolutely broken and in need of help. Even all of the money in the world can't fix our brokenness though. Only our beautiful Savior can. I have been to places like Mexico, Haiti, Colombia, Kenya and even went on a mission trip to Houston and wow is the mission field ALL around us. I saw things that shouldn't be allowed to exist. I saw children starving and begging on the streets, I saw women selling themselves because that was their last resort, I saw homes made out of cardboard and beds out of mud. But in that, I saw beauty. I saw the people that love more fiercely than anyone I have ever met. I saw thankfulness and joy like no other. I saw beauty in that brokenness. 


I go to Kenya now every summer and work with local ministries that I have developed strong connections with. One day I was working on Photography and my trip plans at Starbucks and a thought dawned on me - why not just do both together!? Thus came the plan to have a percentage (right now 10%) go towards the ministries around the world that help the homeless, feed the starving, preach the gospel and rescue the orphans. I want my life to mean something. And I want every picture I take to be changing lives. Not only do I want to capture moments that will forever bring back those exact moments my clients say I do, or bring back those memories of your little ones when they grow up, but I want every picture to have change attached to them. A change the world desperately needs.


But all this to say is I have 2 passions: ministry and photography. And for the longest time I never understood why God wired me like that because I couldn't do both, right? Nope. God has a cool way of planning every step of your life out and blowing your mind when He fits it all together - even the messiest of parts. So this is a little back story to the behind the scenes of the mission part of Meg Lawson Photography. Join me and lets take some kick ass pictures and change this world while doing it!