My Approach

I believe Photography is a way of story-telling. And I take that as such a special and honorable task. Your story is SO special. I want to get to know YOU. I want to hear the entire love story and freakout like middle school girls at how you fell in love. I want to hear ALL of it! How you met, how you started dating, how he proposed, what you LOVE about each other - even down to what your favorite show is to binge watch together on Netflix.

I don’t want to just show up as another vendor on your wedding day. I want to be there for everything. I want you to feel like I am an extra bridesmaid. I want to be there every step of the way from freaking out with you over wedding colors to helping you get ready on the day of. I won’t just take pictures, I will hold shoes and bouquets, I will help with hair and fix makeup when it smudges. I do wedding photography because I LOVE it. I love capturing YOUR love. And I want to celebrate my FRIENDS all day long.

If you just want a photographer to stand there and snap the traditional wedding photos, I’m not your girl. But if you want adventure, you don’t mind getting your feet or dress dirty and you want those in between moments - I definitely am. I believe in the messy, candid REAL moments, the un-planned un-posed memories. Because I want to capture how you FEEL. I want to capture how absolutely in love you are with the wind in your hair, maybe some mud on your feet and all the love you could ever imagine crammed into one photo. If your’e screaming “HECK YES” then click below and let’s DO THIS.