My Approach

I believe Photography is a way of story-telling. And I take telling your story as such a beautiful and honorable task. I want to know who YOU are. I want to hear all about your relationship, how you met, what gets you excited, what memories are your favorite. I want to hear about all of those details you tell your girlfriends and I want to freakout like middle school girls at the story of how you met. I want to be that person that you can text wedding dress options to and be over the moon excited for you - because I WILL BE.

I don’t want to be just another vendor that shows up on your wedding day. I want to be there every step of the way form freaking out over color schemes to carrying your bouquet and shoes on your big day. I want to be an extra bridesmaid - celebrating with my FRIENDS, not just clients. Because when all is said and done - I want to be your FRIEND and celebrate you in the most special seasons of your life.

If you just want the traditional wedding photographer to sit and hold the camera, I am probably not for you. And that’s okay! I want YOUR big day to scream YOU!! But if you’re down for adventure, not afraid to get your feet or dress a little dirty and you want those candid, in between story-telling moments captured forever - I’m definitely your girl. I want to capture those un-posed and unplanned moments. The ones with wind blowing your hair everywhere, the imperfect, but beautiful moments of laughter and joy that are REAL. We will take all the normal wedding family and detail shots - but my main passion is to capture the FEELINGS you are feeling that day so that you can remember them forever.


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