Hey loves,

My name is Meg & I am a coffee addict, dog obsessor & Jesus lover. I am unhealthily addicted to iced vanilla lattes. I have a dog named Jack who is the absolute cutest golden retriever lab in the entire universe. I try to travel more than not, I’m obsessed with seeing new places. I love Jesus and missions and try and make it to my favorite place, Kenya, every summer and work with local ministries and friends there. I do Crossfit all the time and you will most likely never see me out of workout clothes (prize to anyone who does). I walk exceptionally loud and sometimes I run like phoebe just because. I LOVE Chick Fil A and sometimes I overdose on nutella. Oh yeah - & I am a Travel Wedding Photographer from Dallas, TX! I LOVE people so let’s hangout and grab some coffee or drinks sometime! XOXO -Meg