About Me

You can usually find me 1 of 2 places:

Cozied up on my couch with coffee in hand, Jack (my adorable golden retriever lab) in my lap, and some form of Netflix on the TV (*and probably eating Nutella). OR somewhere in Kenya, with a family I call my own, playing jump rope with a little girl with more sass and heart than anyone you'll ever meet. 


These two things have changed my photography business. Because now my business is blended with my passion for God's people around the world. A portion of every shoot I have will go to supporting those around the world in need and missions and ministry partners that I have partnered with over time. My ministry is my photography!

What makes Meg Lawson Photography different is that I want my Photography to change lives while capturing them. I want to partner with my clients in changing this world. With every photo, a life will be changed.

My photography style is much like my mission - captivating, passionate and real. I want to capture emotion and those real moments you will cherish for the rest of your life. I will try to make you laugh at nothing at all and come up with jokes that don't make sense, but trust me - it's fun. I don't ever want awkwardness or fear to run through your mind - because being in front of a camera can be weird! But I strive to make shoots with me exactly the opposite - fun, laid back and YOU. 

People are my favorite. So even if you want to grab coffee, chat about wedding plans, life, or the show you are binge watching on Netflix - Call me!